How to Maximize Your Child’s Online Tutoring Sessions

If you have chosen to enroll your child into online tutoring services, whether that be through an online tutoring program like Knowledge Park, or simply through a private tutor who has you scheduled through Google Hangouts or Skype, it’s incredibly important to know how to maximize the benefits your child receives from their sessions. The reason being, not only is the tutor spending their time with your child but knowing your child is maximizing their learning gives peace of mind when spending the money for sessions. With this said, there’s plenty you can do from a parent’s standpoint to ensure that their child is benefiting fully. Here are some tips to help you out.

Allow Your Child Recovery Breaks: this one is incredibly important, especially for younger children or for those who tend to be on the more fidgety side. Sitting and facing a computer screen for longer periods of time can be difficult on the child’s attention span. Instead, talk to the tutor and ask for there to be small breaks in between chunks of learning. This allows the child to get up, move around, get some food or a drink. By allowing the child to re-energize, it ensures that they don’t become a passive listener.

Provide All Relevant Information: if you can beforehand, make sure that the tutor has all of the required information. This could be textbooks for older children, learning strategies for younger children or even question lists for children who learn by actively engaging. It is important that you set your child and tutor for success.

Have a Quiet Space Set Up: there is nothing worse than a dog barking or a sibling who decides to distract from the session. Even small things like a television on in the next room might be enough to distract your child. Rather, prepare an extremely quiet space so that their attention stays on and remains with the tutor. Consider using a headset if you live in a noisy apartment or house as well as a microphone so both the child and the tutor can communicate clearly.

Log In Early: always make sure to log into the platform that you are using, early. It has been known for computers to bug out, glitch or do updates. You don’t want your child missing a session or losing out on time if you need to wait for a system update. In addition to this, make sure that the entire learning space is set up ahead of time.

Have Your Child Ask Questions: rather than having you ask them later that day. It is important that you nudge your child into actively participating with the tutor. Not only does having them ask questions build critical thinking skills, but it shows them that curiosity can provide knowledge which can enhance what they know.

Other than the above, make sure that your child is not being a passive learner. Unfortunately, sometimes lessons can drag on as not all of the material will be engaging for your child. But, don’t allow them to drift off because once they do, it’ll be information in one ear and out the other. Finally, make sure that your child does any homework that is either set up by the tutor or provided by their school. See how they do and make notes of problem areas for future lessons.

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